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Change, Role Modeling, Habits & Health

Happy Weekend All!

Before we head to the grocery store and back to prepping, I wanted to drop a little line about change and role modeling into our lives. This will be a part of any lifestyle habit journey!

Change is hard–until it becomes the new norm. One of our examples: dining out was our norm for years and now it is a part of our eating habits, but we plan it around our meals at home. Best benefits: we save money and it is healthier. We also really enjoy cooking, so that really helped strenghten our ‘renewed’ habit.

Another side note, it is amazing how little you “need to go out” when you plan ahead.  We still obviously dine out and enjoy it. I do think with Josh being in the restaurant/hospitality world, it is normal for him to want go out more often. After all, he wants to enjoy the dining experience that he also provides to his guests (and he doesn’t really like to do dishes). On the other hand, with my job I am on the road often and forced to eat whatever is available. So while I love a great foodie experience, I’d rather eat at home sometimes. We’ve worked hard to create a habit that is sustainable for both of us.

As you embark on a pattern of healthy habits, food prep or others, there are going to be some definite adjustments and maybe even a little (ok sometimes a lot) of push-back. Hubby often says to me “remember when we used to go to _____ and we really liked _____.”  The most recent one was “I wonder if they changed their menu with their remodel.”  My answer was go look online :).  I could continue with a long list of these, but this would become a very long (yet comical) post).

Think about the ultimate goal of good health and improving habits. Role modeling is your best bet for family health. Those of you with kids know how much pressure there is at mealtime (let alone other times). Embrace healthy eating habits together and get everyone involved. Make meal prep part of the habit (then you aren’t stuck doing all of the work either). Here are other tips and thoughts in this great article about feeding children.

Getting yourself and your family on board may take some time. Sometimes one person in the family wants to make a change, but others are not on board. This can be a big challenge and it can be overwhelming having to “fight” for better habits. Push ahead subtly and be the role model. You might try a “new recipe” or theme dinner night to make fun or sign everyone up for a family 5k. Eventually, others will jump on and you’ll all be on the track to good health.

Some of you have told me that you could never “prep food like I do” for a variety of reasons. That is fine- do something that works for you/your family. Maybe for you, it is crockpot meals or using more no-cook items. Create and continue habits that work for you. Usually an all-or-nothing doesn’t work very well (think fad diets). Make small, reasonable changes. It can be a simple start like eating ___ meals at home this week or another goal that makes sense for your situation. When I post, I hope to empower you to think about what you CAN do to better your health now and for the future.

So, that’s my story for the week.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you Anna. I am turning off my “screens” and taking my dog with me for our Saturday morning walk. Keep writing and posting. I enjoy your inspiration.

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